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How to Take Care of Baby

Caring for a newborn is not easy, especially if you've become a mother, often raised many questions. For example how many times the baby should be bathed in a day? Why breech babies often look red? Do we need to clean the tongue of the baby? And others. Well If you experience the same thing, then the following article is very important for you to see.

Caring for a baby is not an easy job. Newborns should get extra treatment from you so that he can grow up healthy and smart. Well, preferential treatment if you can do in a newborn? consider the following tips:

- Breastfeed for the main meal of the newborn.

Breast milk is the best food for a newborn, because it contains colostrum and other important substances are good for immunity and infant growth.

- Maintain cleanliness of the body, clothes, and baby beds.

Maintain cleanliness of the body can be done by bathing or baby wipes twice daily. Use the special baby products are safe, from soap, shampoo, powder, wet tissue. For clothing, make sure washed first before use. Wash baby clothes with a special baby detergent (liquid) for not leaving a residue on clothes that cause skin irritation and avoid using softener. Make sure the bedroom is clean and the air circulation function perfectly.

- Caring for the umbilical cord of newborns.

Baby's umbilical cord will detach itself within 4 days, but in certain circumstances the release of the umbilical cord could be longer, which is 1 month. Caring for the umbilical cord is very difficult for new mothers. In essence, the umbilical cord should be kept clean in order to avoid the risk of infant infection. Here's how to take care of the umbilical cord:
1. Make sure the cord and the surrounding area is always dry and hygienic, to avoid infection and fungus.
2. Avoid the umbilical cord of babies' feces and urine.
3. Pay particular attention to the cord in a way to sterilize the umbilical cord with gauze soaked in alcohol 70% from the base to the tip, and then wrap with gauze soaked in alcohol with neat. Do this until the umbilical cord is dry and off by itself.

- Baby Cosmetics.

Baby cosmetics are legion, there are baby bath, baby shampoo, baby oil, baby lotion, baby powder, baby cream, baby cologne and hair lotion. Actually, not everything a baby needs, so it is wise to choose. Regardless of brand, use a product that has been clinically tested or Clinical Proven Mild (CMP). If a baby reacts negatively when applied certain cosmetics, for example, raised red patches on the skin, then it is likely he was allergic to the content of such cosmetics. Discontinue use.

Switch on the baby cosmetics that are free of chemicals (green product). Still dealing with minimizing the baby contiguity with chemicals, avoid also use care products or fabric softener. Chemicals in them too "strong" and can irritate baby's skin

 - Take care of the baby's body warmth.

Infants should be in warm conditions, since he is still in a period of adjustment after a few months of being in the womb is warm. To keep the warmth of his body, you can put the baby swaddling, gloves and legs, as well as hats. It has been suggested to warm the baby, then it could octopus? This is not entirely true, because the use of torture even baby octopus and make it hard to breathe. But if the mother intends to use in infants, try to not tie it too tight.

- Pay attention to nails newborn.

Nail newborn is still soft and thin, so it makes the parents do not have the heart to cut it. However, in order to maintain the health of babies sometimes like to put their hands in the mouth and that the nails do not hurt the soft skin, you should cut the baby's nails with a special cutting tools for the baby.
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- Pay attention to clothes and diapers.

Immediately replace if dirty or damp clothes, as well as with the diaper. Immediately clean the buttocks and pubic area baby after the bowel and bladder.

- Activities which Hated Baby.

Most babies do not like the show off-wear clothes, toiletries, shampoo, medicated eye drops and nasal drops nose. He could go berserk! The solution, do this activity quickly, but remain cautious. Distract the baby to engage her in conversation, give hugs and kisses.

- Sleep Ritual.

Total sleep time a new baby is 16 hours a day, with a restless night's sleep, interrupted several times to wake up. After 5 weeks of age, then the baby has a sleep pattern remains, namely to bed early at night and waking up 2-3 times at midnight. Bedtime ritual can help babies sleep more quickly and with quality. Stages, bathe the baby with warm water that had poured baby bath, baby massage with baby oil or lotion, after that create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom. You can read fairy tales, sing lullabies or baby sprinkle with baby powder. Use the soothing scent of baby products, but safe and clinically tested or clinically Proven Mild (CMP).

- Baby Toys.

Function toys not only entertain but also to introduce the baby in various shapes and eye muscles to be more focused. For that, choose toys with bright colors. Toys chugging (musical mobile) hanging on the bed will stimulate baby's senses of sight and hearing. Teddy bears are a pleasant soft baby when she felt it. Rattle, toy handheld sound when shaken, also entertain and train the baby's senses. But it does not always need expensive toys, you know. Babies are also very amused look herself in the mirror, the shadow on the wall and drops of rain. And, of course, nothing is more exciting than the baby when he played with his father and mother.

- Recognize Disease Newborn.

Colic, diaper rash, nasal congestion, eye infections, tongue moldy and fever after immunization are some new baby subscription disease. When experienced, the baby will be fussy with tears unusual. Quickly find out and overcome. If Little diaper rash, diaper wipe open, and let him without diapers - wind cooling it - temporarily. Nasal congestion, eye infections, fever after immunization and moldy tongue can be anticipated with a prescription from a doctor. While colic is generally not curable, can be overcome by making the baby comfortable; rocked, fed, or rubbed his stomach.

- People Around Baby.

New babies are adorable, but, treat him appropriately. If too many people are carrying and invite joking, if a little clothes replaced, bit by bit fed, or if the father and mother overreacted to his cries, the baby can be stressful too. In addition, feelings of delicate baby makes can "catch" the mood of the mother as the closest people. When the mother ugly mood of exhaustion for example, the baby can know and he went along fuss. So, keep your mood near the baby. If you need a break, leave the baby in the other caregivers at home.

- Comfortable surroundings.

Important to create a comfortable environment for the baby. Keep the baby's environment is not too crowded or noisy, too cold (less than 20 degrees Celsius) or too hot (over 31 degrees Celsius). Babies can also cranky because of glare, so make sure the light bulbs or the sun does not fall right into his eyes. A comfortable environment also means free mosquito and insect bites. You can do fogging at home a few days before the baby comes. Not advisable to use insecticides in the nursery because the toxin can be attached to baby items. Use only netting fabric.

Similarly, information about tips on caring for a newborn, may be useful for you all.

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